Our Services

At Ovaland Motorhomes we provide excellent service on any type of job.

Fitouts & RestorationsservicesA

We can design and build any job to any budget on or in any motorhome, as well as vans, buses, cabovers, horse trucks, caravans, 5 wheelers, race trailers, concession trailers, camper trailers, or built to order.

Repairs & ServiceservicesA
Our skilled and experienced staff can find and fix most problems you may have with your motorhome - from electrical issues to plumbing and rust repair. We also provide custom yearly service plans.

Certified Welding and EngineeringservicesA

Seat Belts
Tow Bars
A Frames
Slide out sides
Window Panelling
Floor Lowering
Levelling Systems
Roof Raising
Pop Tops
Plug Doors

Electrical WorkservicesA
We look after:

  • - All 12v electrical system repairs, alterations, problem solving, design, batteries, solar and other charging systems. 
  • - All 240v AC electrical systems, switch boards, power points, problem solving, inventors, chargers, and certifications.
  • - 110v, 240v power conversions.

We supply and install TVs, DVD players, stereos, satellite dishes.

Plumbing & TanksservicesA
We supply and fit tanks for all applications - fresh, grey and black; we design and build complete plumbing systems for any application; and we undertake self-containment work.

Parts & Accessories servicesA
We can source and supply all motorhome accessories from all suppliers - everything from awnings to toothbrush holders.  

Trailers & Concession TrailersservicesA
We design, build and repair all types of trailers.